Centrad believes camera systems are key to driving down accident statistics


While a common and essential fixture on industrial and warehousing sites, forklift trucks unfortunately are also a common cause of workplace accidents year on year.

With over an estimated 1500 forklift truck accidents occurring each year in the UK, combating the dangers they pose to drivers and fellow warehouse operatives is crucial to driving down such ominous incident statistics, according to mobile CCTV specialist Centrad.

Some of the most common causes of forklift accidents being poor driving behaviours, with fast driving or lack of awareness of surroundings being especially prominent. 

According to the British Safety Council, forklift trucks are involved in a quarter of all workplace transport accidents within the UK, with on average around five people hospitalised per day.   

As UK forklift fleets continue to be replaced with all-electric options as businesses seek to meet their own Net Zero goals, Centrad are witnessing increased demand for mobile CCTV camera systems from customers who have recently made the switch. 

As such, Centrad believes that as more operators continue to opt for all-electric forklift trucks, the need to install camera technology for the benefit of increasing visibility for drivers will continue to increase – citing the enhanced speed and acceleration capabilities of all-electric forklifts as potential risk factors that may lead to an uptick in incidents without technological assistance.  

Geoff Cross, Managing Director at Centrad commented: “For those that are currently in the process of transitioning their forklift fleets to fully electric options, the installation of camera systems has at times been neglected by operators, an oversight which often stems from a focus on directing attention toward vans, plant machinery, or HGVs instead with regards to optimising safety. Equally, with forklifts predominantly operating in controlled environments, there’s a perception that operators have greater control in a warehouse setting, and therefore the need for camera systems is deemed not as pressing. 

“However, the statistics actually suggest otherwise. With 25 per cent of workplace transport related accidents being directly attributed to forklift trucks, leading to around just under 30 deaths per year, the importance of ensuring all necessary mitigations are in place to avoid potential incidents is significant. 

“There are a range of solutions which operators could utilise in order to not only mitigate potential incidents but also reduce issues such as unnecessary damages to stock. Systems for instance can vastly improve visibility of the floor area at the front of the truck, highlighting blind spots for drivers and the cameras and monitors can be positioned as such so the driver doesn’t have to look up or turn in unorthodox positions which furthermore reduces potential strains and the potential for employee downtime.

In the event of any incidents or damage, full video evidence is also available. For the benefit of operators, systems also come with 4G and Wi-Fi capabilities that provides them with 24/7 visibility using the Centrad Live video telematics platform.”

Geoff continued: “By seeking the expertise of a camera solutions specialist, not only will operates be able to benefit from a service that is appropriately tailored to their direct requirements and vehicle usage, but they may also be able to generate sizeable cost savings as well.”

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