From automation to shop floor ‘CollaboMation’: warehouses can boost productivity by 27%


Close Integration Of Warehouse Automation, Human Collaboration, and Shop Floor Analytics Is Imperative To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

ProGlove has laid out its response to the current needs of the warehouse enterprise and upper mid-market.

At the heart of this initiative is the understanding that embracing current industry challenges requires a transformative approach that empowers employees and boosts productivity. In today’s environment, it's not about choosing between human or machine, collaboration or automation. The key lies in the meaningful combination of both – CollaboMation. Ultimately, Humans and machines should work together, not against each other. ProGlove’s entire solution portfolio supports the idea of ‘CollaboMation’. Additionally, the wearable tech pioneer can leverage their extended partner network to provide solutions that the market requires. 

The CollaboMation Status Quo

The idea of human-machine collaboration is not new. With its latest CollaboMation initiative, ProGlove sets out to take the concept to the next level. This includes integrated solutions and practical tips to help businesses deploy CollaboMation solutions. The complementing ‘CollaboMate Now!’ campaign kicks off with the whitepaper ‘CollaboMate – 5 Tips for the Smart Combination of Humans and Robots’. 

"The warehousing and logistics industry continues to face numerous challenges. Take the notorious labor shortage, which has not eased off despite the technical recession. In combination with global inflation, businesses are struggling to raise their productivity,” said Stefan Lampa, CEO of ProGlove. 

“We are working closely with our partner network to deliver solutions that will allow warehouse businesses to address the issues they are struggling with. This includes integrating our technology with top AMR, AVG, and Cobot solutions as well as other wearable tech suppliers. With that said, it is paramount to us that we upgrade our joint mission from simple human-machine collaboration to full-swing CollaboMation."

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