Cognosos unveils Bluetooth-enabled driver tags


Cognosos, a provider of real-time asset location solutions, has launched the Driver Tag, a new offering that delivers visibility into driver activity throughout the outbound logistics supply chain.

The addition of the Driver Tag to Cognosos’ lineup of purpose-built asset tags adds key behavioral data for Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Vehicle Processing Centers (VPC) and Third-Party Logistics providers (3PL). This data opens up powerful new insights to enable outbound logistics providers to improve their operations.

With Bluetooth technology embedded into the Driver Tag, the new badges, worn by drivers tasked with moving vehicles from manufacturing to distribution, syncs with the asset tracking tags inside the vehicles, tying vehicle movement data to a specific driver.  This behavioral data drastically increases the amount of information available to drive evidence-based operational decisions.

The new tags come as a complementary offering that leverages the Bluetooth technology recently introduced in the RT-270 tag which debuted last month. With the deployment of the innovative driver tags, users can not only review movement data of specific vehicles but also identify who is responsible for each movement, and the length of time each driver takes to perform a given vehicle delivery. 

In addition, data can be aggregated to understand movement throughout yards and lots holistically and uncover trends and patterns around drivers, vehicle types, origin points, destinations, shifts, time of day, weather conditions and more.

“The introduction of the MNW-C10 is the next step in our journey to solve our customers' most pressing challenges. Right now, the industry has no reliable way to understand how efficiently – or inefficiently – cars get moved around, let alone who is moving them in the yards,” said Cognosos Chief Product Officer Adrian Jennings. “We can now give OEMs and FVL providers game-changing visibility of operations within their yards, establishing greater levels of accountability and delivering metrics that improve efficiency.”

Bringing in-depth visibility into asset movement/tracking, this game-changing solution will help provide necessary insight into the productivity of outbound logistics, as the data reported by the driver tags helps yard managers:

  • Create accountability for the drivers working the yard
  • Understand who is moving which vehicles
  • Define how quickly drivers are moving
  • Measure slack time between vehicle moves
  • Compare drivers and plants to discover best practices
  • Identify, encourage and reward top drivers
  • Provide better internal operation systems that can lead to less employee turnover and increased employee satisfaction

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