How To Build A Sustainable Future For Your Business


By Ed Smith, freelance writer.

The world is changing in many ways. The environment is adapting to the impact human commerce and industrial development is having upon it. Businesses and families need to take action now to help mitigate the negative effects of carbon emissions.

Governments across the world have already signalled the coming political and economic changes, with strict climate targets in place for the coming decade. Here is how you can build a sustainable future for your business, your community, and the planet.

Set Sustainability Goals

The carbon footprint of a business is going to come under closer scrutiny in the future. Governments across the world have agreed on carbon emissions targets, and it is going to be up to businesses and families to achieve them. By setting your own sustainability goals you are taking the initiative and getting your business ready for the changes that are coming.

There are many steps any business can take towards better sustainability management. The use of consumables like paper, inks, and even the cups on the water tower can all be sourced more sustainably and recycled. Switching to renewable energy sources has the biggest impact, and on-site solar power generation is the perfect sustainability solution for office spaces.

Get Everyone Involved

Saving energy, reducing waste, and acting sustainably takes teamwork. For your sustainability initiatives to work you will need to get the whole team behind them. Many small acts add up to a large reduction in your carbon footprint and help you achieve your goals.

Sharing information and holding group sessions where people can exchange ideas freely can lead to important sustainability breakthroughs. Different people have different perspectives, and by communicating with your team members you may discover some valuable insights that can make your business more sustainable.

Go Local

Switching to locally sourced and where possible locally produced supplies creates a massive reduction in your carbon footprint. Transportation and distribution release tons of carbon dioxide into the air every day, and the further away your supplies come from, the more emissions you are responsible for.

Local suppliers help reduce the amount of carbon emitted from transporting goods. Even if they are redistributing goods from a distant central warehouse the mass transportation of products is more carbon efficient than many smaller deliveries. Locally sourced products reduce carbon emissions even further, as the supplies do not have as far to travel.

Support Community Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability presents your business with an opportunity to be a community leader. Reducing carbon emissions and waste is everyone’s responsibility. Your local government and community should be taking steps to involve citizens and businesses in local sustainability efforts and initiatives. If they are not, this could be your business’s time to shine.

This can be great for your brand image and works well as a promotional tool while also  and improving local levels of sustainability. It’s a win-win for business and for the community. Look for local community groups you can foster and support, and work with them towards a more sustainable future.

Taking these steps will help push your business into a sustainable future. Businesses that fail to heed the call for greater sustainability may be subjected to carbon taxes in the next few years or even fines for emissions. Working towards a more sustainable future is better for businesses, families, and the planet.

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