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assets/files/images/11_01_23/goplastics.jpg, the plastic pallet company, has expanded its portfolio of award-winning foldable pallet boxes to help businesses make significant time and cost savings when transporting bulkier items through their supply chains.
The CabCube 1612 is the new SleevePack product from Cabka launched exclusively to the UK market by Measuring 1610mm x 1208mm x 750mm, the pallet box offers an increased base surface area for transporting, storing and picking bigger goods.

The CabCube 1612 provides an environmentally friendly alternative to one-time use cardboard boxes and shrink wrap - whilst the robust sleeve pack and strong and secure lid reduces product damage and subsequent costs. All components are 100% recyclable at the end of their long service life.
This new pallet box - which has a load capacity of 350 kg - has been specifically designed for optimal stacking stability, both in the warehouse and during transit. When packed with products, the CabCube 1612 can be stacked four high in a standard 40 ft curtain side trailer, which means the vehicle can carry a total of 64 units. 

When emptied, it folds flat to a height of just 251mm, enabling 192 units to be loaded on the return leg. This provides a 69% volume reduction and a return ratio of 1:3.25, allowing businesses to significantly reduce the use of vehicles and make key savings on transportation costs.
The CabCube 1612 is quickly folded flat and is stored inside the base with the lid placed on top to ensure that the three components are transported together ready for re-use. The product can also be RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and IoT (Internet of Things) enabled, for greater transparency and visibility, whilst customised sleeve heights and door configurations are available, to support simpler picking and packing.
In addition to the CabCube 1612, has also added two new folding pallet collars to its product range, to guarantee increased levels of security and protection when unpacking and picking goods in warehouses. The CabFrame 1210(which fits a UK standard pallet) and CabFrame 1208 (which attaches to a typical Euro sized pallet) can be stacked upon one another - normally up to five high - to create a reconfigurable “pallet box” that offers maximum product retention and protection to items as they move their way through the warehouse.
Jim Hardisty, Managing Director at, said: “In the current climate, businesses must explore new ways to increase efficiencies and streamline operations. The CabCube 1612 is a fantastic product that businesses can use to optimise their supply chains and save on vital warehouse space and transportation costs. 
“This strong and robust pallet box will not only reduce stock damages, but it also removes the need for one-time use cardboard boxes and shrink wrap, which benefits the environment. We are already seeing several of our existing customers - including pharmaceutical companies, fulfilment houses and leading supermarkets - embed this product across their supply chains with huge success, including within automated systems.
“We are pleased to further strengthen our long-standing relationship with Cabka by launching the CabCube 1612, plus the innovative CabFrame 1210 and CabFrame 1208, to the UK market.”

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