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McCue has been making facilities safer since 1988 by utilising an armoury of health and safety products that organise, protect and optimise workplaces.

The company works across multiple industries, including retail, warehousing, food and drink, pharma, manufacturing and healthcare. Their innovative safety barriers are made from flexible polyethylene that is strong and resilient, able to absorb vehicle impacts without maintenance requirements.

Here, International Managing Director, Jonathan Hibbins answers questions on the company, the products and the overall ethos of McCue.

After 34 years as a company at the forefront of Health & Safety, you must have seen so many changes to the sector in that time

Yes, Health & Safety has gone through many phases and it’s taken some time to peruade all companies of its importance but, thankfully, I think we’re now at a point where we can say the principals of Health & Safety are acknowledged as vital for any forward-thinking, modern company – from start-ups to blue chips. The big thought change has been that, in general, Health & Safety is now seen as a serious investment opportunity that future-proofs a company, rather than the somewhat irritating, box ticking thing it used to be perceived as by some.

What, in a nutshell, does McCue do?

We focus on a business’s most pressing needs, so McCue can consult and design solutions to solve the most challenging safety problems. We offer turnkey solutions – right from the concept of a product to its final installation – that gives companies the safety strategy they need. So it might be protecting a vital piece of equipment, ensuring safety for employees or kitting out an entire factory with barriers, signage, walkways, column protectors, rack protection – everything they might need.

So do McCue products come ready made, or do you work bespoke?

Both. We have a continually refined set of key products that can move in quickly and be installed safely without too much interruption to a company’s flow – we always try to reduce or, if possible, erradicate downtime when working with a client. But also, some of our best and most popular products have come from solving a customer’s individual problem. It sounds like a cliché, but listening to our customers’ needs and delivering the product that gives them the best solution is paramount. That might be an existing product, but if we need to work on something from scratch, then so be it – who knows, it could be our next best seller!

What kind of innovations have you been working on recently?

Like I said, product development is ongoing, but e-commerce in the light of the new working from home culture has exploded. The effect on our sector is logistics networks, storage facilities and haulage need updating and safety proofing, with safety and efficiency at their heart. We can make that happen. As fair as technical matters, McCue has enrolled in the Supply Chain School of Sustainability to further develop and improve our Sustainability processes and policy within the construction industry.

What would you say is at the heart of McCue’s ethos?

It always will be supporting the customer’s needs and listening first. When a client comes to us they often have a very specific issue – and it’s our mission to solve that as effectively and efficiently as possible. Of course, it might be a general need, such as ‘make our workplace safe and protected’. But a food and drink or pharmaceutical company will have very different needs and processes than, say, an airport.

What is the latest news from McCue?

We’re aiming to push beyond industry standards like OSHA, ANSI and PAS. These are just guidelines, but McCue aims to surpass them. We’re pleased to say we’re the global leader in safety bollard crash-testing to the ASTM F3016 standard, having conducted over 24 full-scale tests, all precise, reported and third-party validated. At a local level, our staff take part in training courses to develop their skills and knowledge further –  a great product idea can come from the factory floor if you equip that employee with product knowledge.

Where can potential customers find out more about McCue?

Other than online, we’re at MODEX in the States -  a hugely important show for us. You’ll also find us at IMHX in the UK in September. Please come and see us!

For more info visit or call  01908-365-511

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