How To Create More Space On Your PC Drive


By Dan Coleman, freelance writer.

Your computer is your lifeline when it comes to working. Almost every office task is performed on these devices, and a slower PC could hinder your progress. Everyone knows that you need to delete unnecessary files to increase your storage potential; however, this approach will only get you so far.

A computer’s memory capacity will start to shrink over time, which means that you need to find out how to create more space on your PC and fast. Read on to find out some solutions for creating more storage on your PC drive.

Monitor Your Temporary Files

Temporary files are gathered on your computer whenever you use your internet browser. These are used to keep track of your preferences and make it easier for you to find what you are looking for when searching online. They can come in the form of image files, text, and, most notably, cookies.

However, there is very little need to keep these files around for longer than a day, and these temporary files can remain on your drive without you even realizing it. Your browser of choice will have a way to remove these files, so have a quick look at the user info to find out how to clear these files from your storage.

Compress PDFs

PDFs are a common formatting tool in most offices, and you will find that they will sit on your drive, taking up space for a long time. You cannot edit these files, yet they are still important enough to keep around.

Instead of deleting these files, or moving them to a separate storage solution, you should try to compress your PDFs. All you have to do is re-save the file as a reduced PDF, and it will take up less space when it isn’t in use. This way, you get to keep the file to hand and still have space to save other files around it.

Save Files To The Cloud

Most offices will feature some type of cloud storage. The cloud is a separate server that exists beyond your disk drive that is capable of re-encrypting information so that it is harder to steal.

While you may want to keep some of your important files to hand during the workday, you may also want to store most files on your work’s cloud server. This frees up your drive for storage while also keeping your other files safe until you need them. What’s more, you should be able to retrieve and edit your other files at your leisure by downloading them from the cloud.

Empty Your Downloads

Every PC will come with a folder for downloads and another folder for documents. Your downloads folder contains anything that you have downloaded and haven’t permanently saved. It is normal for this folder to fill up quickly, and this information still takes up space on your PC.

To improve your storage space, take a look at your download folder and either save the documents that you need or remove anything unnecessary.


Creating additional storage space on your PC may seem like a challenge, but it is easy when you know where to look. Keep an eye on the key areas of your computer, and you should be able to maintain adequate PC storage for a long time to come.


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