New functionality the order fulfilment of the day for high growth 3PLs


WMS technology provider, Synergy Logistics, has further enhanced its multiple billing software that already offers high levels of detail, accuracy and clarity via its SnapFulfil WMS cloud based solution.

With 3PL services needing to flex their model to meet ever changing D2C e-commerce demands, adaptability is key - particularly when it comes to invoicing - to drive greater economies of scale.  SnapFulfil’s new pro-forma invoicing means one is generated automatically for any business where the billing period is greater than daily.

The pro-forma invoice is overwritten each time the invoice process runs but if a client has a replica database the invoice data can be extracted before being overwritten.

This is especially useful for clients who want to track their invoice totals before period end.

Likewise, new minimum fee charge capability means a designated amount can be set, but if the total charges for a period are less than the minimum fee then the balance will automatically be charged.

Synergy Logistics CEO, Tony Dobson, says: “A growing numbers of 3PLs are seeking a more scalable, API friendly and robust pathway to meet the dynamic challenges of B2C and D2C multichannel fulfilment. But identifying the right solution is just half of the challenge - delivering it while continuing to satisfy existing customer requirements (without incurring custom coding costs and delays for new clients) is a different matter.

“We bring a base feature set tailored to the requirements faced by 3PLs. 

Our software is highly configurable and, after training, can be managed by in-house teams to support everything from new customer onboarding to process changes. We’ve standardised our interfaces as well to support simplified integration processes and shorten implementation timelines. 

We also come to the table with a library of existing applications to help ease technical sales processes.”

With margins ever tightening, SnapFulfil has the functionality to set and charge different rates based on quantities shipped, split and smaller pallets. The software also facilitates better data quality, resources allocation and process flow, while automating manual tasks gives greater efficiency, accuracy and transparency.

Additionally, multi owner self configuration addresses complex order fulfilment challenges and enables 3PLs to drive rapid growth and value. 

Having access to the SnapFulfil rules engine is a real differentiator and is proven to give 3PLs tangible competitive advantage.

A much more extensive customer portal also includes access to large areas of the main SnapFulfil site, but specifically filtered for the 3PL customer, so they only see their real time data.This enhanced functionality brings greater visibility, increased flexibility and a more granular approach and all its associated efficiencies.

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