Top 5 Mistakes When Shipping Packages Internationally and How to Avoid Them


By Ernesta Ranonyte, freelance writer.

International package shipping can be tricky. There are many things to be aware of, if you wish to get the best out of it. And there are quite a few mistakes that complicate parcel shipping overseas. Want to find out what they are and how to avoid them? Read on.

1. Not understanding international package shipping regulations

International package shipping has its rules you need to follow. Failure to abide by them may lead to various unpleasant situations. What if you’re shipping to Russia and don’t attach the filled-in customs declaration? Your parcel might get confiscated. Or at the very least will be suspended until you provide the required information. That would be a very bad international shipping experience, right?

To avoid that, make sure to research as much as possible. Beware that each country has its own laws and customs regulations. But you don’t have to know the rules for all countries. Focus on your destination country and you’ll be fine.

2. Hunting for the cheapest shipping rates only

There is nothing wrong with aiming for the cheapest international shipping. We all want to save money. However, keep in mind that the price is not the only thing that defines the service of parcel shipping.

You have to consider the delivery time and additional perks the shipping company is offering. The slightly more expensive option might actually be better and save you the trouble of worrying while waiting for the completed delivery.

3. Not packing your international parcel properly

Sometimes international package shipping ends up in failure because the sender doesn’t put enough effort into packing the items. Packaging is very important because an international parcel travels a long distance. If the packaging is not durable enough, it may get crushed and lead to damaging the goods.

To prevent that, always pack your goods carefully, especially if you’re shipping fragile items. Use cardboard boxes of the proper size. Don’t try to squeeze all of the items into a small box and don’t leave too much empty space. Put enough cushioning materials for internal packaging. They’ll absorb the force of the impact and protect your goods from possible damage.

4. Not writing the address correctly

Writing the correct address is as important as proper packaging. It contains information on where your parcel is headed. If you misspell it or fail to write the complete address, your package may get lost or reach the wrong recipient.

As with the international package shipping regulations, every country may have a different address format. For instance, if you wish to send a package to Poland, don’t forget to check how the address is written there. Be sure to include all the information: the name of the recipient, the street, the building and apartment numbers, and the zip code with the destination country.

5. Not getting international package insurance

Sure, parcel insurance costs more. Maybe that’s why many senders are hesitant to get it. But when it comes to shipping packages internationally, extra safety is always welcome.

International package shipping comes with risks and uncertainties, even if you pack your parcel with utmost care and choose the best shipping service. It’s a complicated process that involves many parties. Insurance will help to cover any accidental losses and will make you feel assured.

Mistakes are common when shipping packages internationally. But it’s quite easy to avoid them if you prepare beforehand.

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