Trakm8: Telematics overhaul needed to combat driver shortages


As the UK government continues to hold talks with hauliers over driver shortages which are affecting critical supply chains, Trakm8 is urging logistics firms to redouble efforts to drive up efficiency in existing fleets.

The logistics sector has been hit by two crises almost simultaneously; the UK’s exit from the EU’s freedom of movement arrangements and the COVID-19 pandemic, either one of which would have introduced significant headwinds on their own. Indeed, the two crises combined have led to a shortage of up to 100,000 drivers.

Trakm8 welcomes efforts to increase fleet capacity, but as recruitment efforts remain difficult, it is equally important to increase the productivity of existing fleets.

Peter Mansfield, Group Marketing Director at Trakm8, says: “With a shortfall this significant, initiatives to find and employ new drivers are necessary, but do not go far enough. As specialists in scheduling and optimisation, we have seen time and time again how deploying a route optimisation platform can lead to more deliveries being made with the same assets, and help businesses get more out of their existing fleet.

“These benefits are often significant. Indeed, in real terms Trakm8 Optimisation has provided a 30% increase in delivery driver productivity and a 10% reduction in fuel expenditure to one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains. Of course, the system’s other benefits, such as a reduction in costs due to accidents and servicing, can free up expenditure to allow for a larger overall fleet. 

“If we are to ensure that critical supplies are to be delivered and our supermarket shelves will be stocked as we expect, every business must look at its existing supply chains and ensure they are using the technology on offer to maximize their fleet’s potential.”

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