Improved Efficiency and Lower Costs Linked to Modern Warehouse Management System



Our client, a large auto parts distributor recognized the need to optimize and streamline its complex warehouse inventory and processes before they could focus on expanding their business operations. Their warehouse space was about 11,000 square meters with 13 work zones used to receive, load, and store parts. The client maintained a large inventory of items with significant differences in weight and size that required a variety of storage options across hundreds of locations within the warehouse. Finally, there was a significant volume of daily orders for various types of products, delivery speed requirements, and transactions.

Their existing system lacked process automation capabilities. The staff knew where products were located—from memory—rather than storing this critical information in the WMS and using it to efficiently retrieve product inventory. The system also lacked the ability to process refunds and track employee productivity.

The first step was for the client to select a modern warehouse management system (WMS) to automate warehouse processes, store product location, and interact with people and equipment. Then they would require customization and implementation services to prepare the system to operate according to their specific requirements.


The client selected the powerful viadat Systems WMS by viastore Software and engaged First Line Software, a ten-plus year viastore partner, to customize and implement the solution.

Implementation Process

First Line provided four types of core implementation services. During the Process and Analysis Design phase, the team audited existing processes to determine system and integration requirements. Then they configured and customized the system according to the specifications and wrote the necessary code for integrating ERP and other systems. First Line used the proven viadat WMS implementation process to ensure a seamless launch of the system. Prior to launch, they conducted the multilevel training program developed by viastore that First Line customized for their target market. It only took a few days to conduct the training and get all levels of client staff up-to-speed on how to operate the viadat WMS. Finally, once the viadat system was launched, First Line provides ongoing responsive technical support.


Once the client was up and running with the viadat System, they achieved a number of notable results with improved management and optimization of their warehouse operations. They received and shipped products faster. The client reduced warehouse costs by 20 percent and staffing costs by 30 percent. They issued 30 percent fewer refunds. Conducting inventory was previously a manual process that took up to 10 days and required a complete shutdown of all business operations. By automating the inventory process and integrating with the ERP system, the average is now two to three days without shutting down operations. Visibility into employee productivity became a reality revealing further opportunities for improvement.

Hear from the Implementation Experts

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