Schumacher Packaging Ltd introduces EcoSafeBoard


Schumacher Packaging Ltd, a division of the European Schumacher Packaging Group, has launched a new, sustainable corona partition wall in the UK – coinciding with the easing of restrictions across the country.

The EcoSafeBoard enables companies in a wide range of sectors to re-establish personal customer contact in a safe way - in stores, offices, catering and industrial buildings, as well as in the service sector and educational institutions. 

The flexible corrugated cardboard walls can be set up on tables and floors or suspended from the ceiling, and the EcoSafeBoard not only protects customers and employees, but also the environment: the partition walls are 100% recyclable and can be disposed of easily and ecologically. "The EcoSafeBoard thus offers a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional solutions made of Perspex," explains Mark Amyes, Sales Director at Schumacher Packaging Ltd in Birmingham.

Mobile partitions are a practical tool for reducing the risk of infection during a virus crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic. The EcoSafeBoards from Schumacher Packaging Ltd offer their users an attractive, cost-effective and ecological alternative to Plexiglas and other plastic solutions, as the protective walls consist of a corrugated cardboard frame and a viewing window made of film. The materials can be easily separated from one another and fed into the appropriate recycling process. They are not only good for the environment, but also for companies’ wallets. "An EcoSafeBoard costs only a fraction of a comparable product made of Perspex," explains Mark Amyes.

One standard - five solutions

The EcoSafeBoard is available in a standard size of 630 x 1180 mm in both landscape and portrait format. The viewing window, which is enclosed by the corrugated cardboard frame, ensures light transmission and facilitates risk-free visual contact. Thanks to the plug-in system, the EcoSafeBoard can be used as a floor display between tables and seating or as a protective wall on tables. Corrugated cardboard feet are available in two different heights. In addition, the partition is also available as a suspension so that the floor area can remain free. 

"Once set up in no time at all, the EcoSafeBoard can be used in many areas," stresses Mark Amyes. "In Germany and the Benelux countries, it is already being used successfully - in restaurants and beer gardens, the board acts as a partition on and between tables to protect guests while making better use of space. But also in industrial spaces, educational institutions and in offices it is possible to safely separate workstations, without having to forego personal interaction and teamwork.”

Responsible and chic

The EcoSafeBoard is available as standard in five design variants: in neutral white, in slate and steel look, in rustic vintage wood look and in a luxurious gold tone. "Unlike plastic and Perspex safety barriers, the EcoSafeBoards have style," explains Mark Amyes. "Companies can choose one of the designs that best suits the location." 

From a purchase quantity of just 200 pieces, it is also possible to customise the boards with a design of your choice. This also gives brand manufacturers the opportunity to use the protective walls as advertising space at point of sale. The EcoSafeBoards are produced using a modern digital printing process that ensures a high-quality result. 

Simply order online

In order to react as quickly as possible to any changes in the restrictions, the EcoSafeBoards can be ordered directly online with a minimum order quantity of just five pieces.  

All advantages of the EcoSafeBoard at a glance:

- Protection of customers and employees

- Ecological and sustainable, 100 percent recyclable

- Order online

- Ready for immediate use

- Easy to assemble and dispose of

- Significantly cheaper than Perspex

- Attractive designs and bespoke options

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