Blockdox solution for social distancing and staff wellbeing in the warehouse


Blockdox, a  start-up based in London, has developed technology to support warehouses and distribution centres facing immediate challenges with regard to Social Distancing, and reassuring staff about the health/wellbeing of the building they work in.

Distribution centres are mission critical business environments with large staff populations. Supply chains fuel the economy and are vital for access to essential goods needed in everyday life. Time is of the essence and delays or stoppages within the supply chain can adversely affect business performance, the bottom line, and in some cases ruin reputations. 

BlockDox’s patented solution, developed with funding from the UK’s Innovation agency – InnovateUK, provides data analytics visualised on a dashboard in the form of Actionable Insights. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors strategically placed throughout the distribution centre help maintain Social Distancing by anonymously gathering data in real time about how the building is being used from the main reception to the dock bay doors. 

Nic Shulman, Founder & CEO of BlockDox said: “​Not only will BlockDox help to manage Social Distancing, there are wider benefits including improvements to demand-side management, energy saving, space utilisation, and a reduction of operational costs by optimising energy and facilities management ​.”  

Healthy building, healthy people

Indoor air quality is known to influence the propagation of airborne illnesses caused by viruses including coronaviruses, bacteria and fungal spores. There is a significant correlation between the causes of death of COVID-19 patients and air pollution exposure. Indeed, an increase of just 1 microgram increase in PM2.5 is associated with a 15% increase in death rate. 

Shulman added: “​Warehouses and distribution centres are vital in keeping supply lines open for the country, in the absence of which the COVID-19 lockdown would be far less manageable for many people and businesses  Therefore, it is important to support them with the latest technology to help them reassure staff and keep them healthy.”

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