DHL selects Mixmove as digital logistics solution for European Amazon-deliveries from China


The international logistics giant DHL has selected Mixmove as its partner for digital handling of millions of deliveries from China to Amazon.

Mixmove helps run logistics operations more profitable, effective and environmentally friendly.

- We have partnered with DHL for several years already and helped companies like 3M to reduce transport cost by 35 percent and CO2-emissions by 50 percent. In brief, our solutions help companies fill up their trucks, so they are not driving mile after mile, only transporting air, said Knut Fredrik Ramstad, CEO of Mixmove.

The company now signed an agreement with DHL Belgium, to help the logistics partner handle over 50 000 packages daily, ordered through Amazon from China. The packages will be delivered to a transport terminal in Belgium and handled through Mixmove´s digital system before they continue to Amazon´s 33 delivery sites in Europe.

- We ensure that each package is labelled correctly with individual bar codes before they are shipped to Belgium, where they are then consolidated based on their next destination. This includes air cargo, shipping and road transport, explains Ramstad.

Mixmove´s solution ensures full visibility for the entire supply-chain, so that everyone knows exactly where each package is throughout the transport, and improves efficiency through increased fill rates.

Could cut amount of planes and trucks in half

- Our solution increases efficiency and reduces cost. So far, many have chosen air cargo for deliveries from China to Europe. This is very expensive, time consuming and has a high impact on the environment. Consolidation and road transport is a cheaper option, but perhaps most importantly, let us finally utilise the available space in trucks, planes and ships, says Ramstad.

In addition to increased efficiency and reduced cost, Mixmove´s solution also provides enormous potential environmental benefits.

- It is important to utilise the capacity that already exist. If all companies used our solutions, we could be closer to achieving the world´s emission goals. In total, the fleet of planes, ships and trucks transporting cargo could be cut in half world-wide. This amounts to a lot more CO2-emission than any private transport, which tends to generate a lot more public debate, says Ramstad.

Mixmove offers corresponding solutions to other European companies both on the shipping and logistics partner side.

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