Compact precleaner with torsion spring simplifies installation in conveyor belt systems


Flexco has come out with the EZP1T, an advanced version of its proven EZP1 precleaner. The models in this new series incorporate a torsion spring instead of a tension spring, which means they take up less space than the standard version. 

Conveyor system operators benefit from faster and easier installation. The EZP1T is available with four different polyurethane blades, depending on the application. These include a version for the extremely high temperatures encountered in mining and a version that is resistant to chemicals.

Material that adheres to a conveyor belt, called carryback, is a considerable cost factor for conveyor system operators because it is lost. These residues can be moist, sticky, dry, acidic or abrasive, depending on the ambient temperature. Precleaners mounted on the pulley can remove most of this material. 

However, installing them is often a challenge. Experts are required for this work, and the components don’t always have the right dimensions for the system’s supporting structure. Flexco has therefore enhanced its proven EZP1 precleaner and launched the EZP1T series. The new design features a torsion spring (represented by “T” in the name) in place of the tension spring in the standard version. This significantly reduces the necessary installation space.

Like the standard version with a tension spring, the EZP1T is also suitable for cleaning belts with mechanical connectors. When a connector passes the blade, the blade quickly turns away from the belt and is immediately returned by the torsion spring to its position. There is no damage to the belt and the cleaning process is interrupted only briefly. For better cleaning of reversible belts the precleaner can be mounted at each of the two pulleys. The EZP1T is available for belt widths of 300 to 1,800 mm.

The right precleaner for each application
Flexco offers polyurethane precleaner blades in four different versions – identified by different colors – depending on the application. Purple, for example, is the color for standard applications with a maximum belt speed of 3.5 meters per second and a temperature range of -35 to +82 °C. For applications in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries Flexco has a white precleaner blade made of chemical-resistant materials. All of the constituents comply with U.S. FDA requirements for continuous use with dry foodstuffs. Blades that operate in corrosive environments have stainless steel components.

Mining operations often involve extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. For such applications Flexco offers high-temperature precleaner blades, identified by their bright yellow color. They are able to withstand temperatures up to 135 °C in continuous operation and peak temperatures up to 163° C. 

Ultra-high-temperature components, colored deep red, can operate reliably at temperatures as high as 230° C. All of these precleaner blades are characterized by extreme durability in their respective applications. They require less frequent replacement than comparable competing products – a significant advantage when it comes to downtimes and material costs.

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