Pallet collars a game changing packaging solution

By Aleksejs Volcenkovs, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Kronus.

There are some things that come along that are seemingly so simple it makes you wonder "why hasn't anyone thought of this before?" Pallet collars are those things that will change how you do business. They are a simple answer to a complex situation.

Pallets are used around the world to transport, store and display products. Pallets are a reliable storage, transporting and displaying option but historically these side less bases have posed one problem "how can you reduce the risk of spillage and authorized access the materials?"

There are a few options that have been used to prevent spillage and unauthorised access like wrapping and pallet walls. Wrapping is a good solution for lighter items and pallet walls is a good solution for fragile items but what about the millions of products that fall in between?

Of course wrapping and pallet walls come with their fair share of problems as well. Wrapping provides zero security so why it can reduce spillage it cannot reduce theft. Pallet walls are secure and do prevent spillage but they are difficult to use because they are not adjustable and require tools to assemble and take apart.

Of course neither of the options does not really enhance storage capabilities or adjustability. Unfortunately need of the options are great if you are trying to develop a more responsive supply chain.

Pallet collars are game changers

Pallet collars offer the best that both wrapping and pallet walls have to offer without any of the disadvantages. Pallet collars are completely adjustable vertically. These unique storage enhancing tools can be stacked to build different wall heights on the pallet.

Standard pallet collar sizes come in 1200 x 800 x 200mm, or 1200 x 1000 x 200mm but are also available in other custom sizes. They can easily be stacked without tools and provide a wall of that can provide the same security that the pallet walls have to offer AND the flexibility that wrapping has to offer without the security risks.

These easy to use storage/shipping/display options are a ingenious invention that can easily make the most out of your storage and shipping capabilities.

Less wasted space

Pallet collars will change how you view your warehouse space. Their easy adjustability means that you do not have to waste space. With other options there is zero flexibility when it comes to the depth that you can create.

Of course wrapping does allow you to compact your load but it does not provide any stability. Pallet walls provide stability but not any flexibility. Pallet collars are game changers because you can dictate the depth of the box that you create which means if you do not have a full load you can make the box shorter.

The ability to reduce the amount of empty space that is present in your pallet boxes makes it easier to store products more efficiently.

When you are not using the pallet collars then can easily be racked or stacked to save even more space in the warehouse. You get a tidy warehouse that offers more available stacking space. Stacking is greatly increased when using pallet collars.

Wrapping provides the compaction that you want but it does not offer any real stability. Pallet collars can hold an excessive amount of stackable weight.

Reduce shipping costs

How many crates or boxes have left your warehouse barely full? Whether you are looking at a foot of wasted space or two feet of wasted space, you are looking at paying for empty spaces to be shipped. Tightly packed boxes prevent shifting, reduce packaging costs and of course reduce the overall shipping costs.

Excess packing material that is used to take up that extra space to protect your merchandise and goods can add substantial cost over time and of course sending out shipments that are only partially full drives up your shipping costs.

Pallet collars because they are adjustable can help your organisation to make the most of the room in the box that is created with them. You can easily pack the boxes tighter reducing the amount of packaging material that you need to use which cuts back on materials costs.

They can help any organization to more efficiently ship their goods, saving additional costs.

Reduce the risk of pilferage and breakage

How much loss does your organisation deal with do to breakage or pilferage? Wrapping your pallets is an invitation to unauthorized access to your products. Wrapping does not prevent any real injury to your products either.

Pallet walls are secure and can reduce breakage but they are a great deal of hassle to deal with on both ends of the supply chain. Pallet collars can reduce loss due to breakage and pilferage without the hassle that is familiar to permanent walls.

Reduction in risks, increases the potential for profits. Inventory is the most valuable asset that any organization has, protecting that asset and reducing risks points to increased profits.

Reducing the risk of pilferage and breakage is the only reduction in risk that pallet collars offer. Pallet collars also can reduce the incidence of work place injuries especially in the warehouse. Moving pallets that are stacked high can result in injury when the contents spills out. Reducing injury can easily reduce costs. Reducing the risk of injury also will reduce lost manpower hours from absences.

The speed

Keeping a supply chain moving is one of the keystones of a successful supply chain. Being able to move the product out of the warehouse depends on the speed that the goods can be palletised and moved out. Pallet collars makes quick work of protecting the goods and getting them ready for shipping.

Pallet collars decrease the amount of time that has to be spent with each load. They require less manpower attention. It is the closest thing there is to automation for preparing shipments and stacks for storing.

Saving time translates into reduction in costs.

End users

When considering shipping/storing options the end user should always be a consideration. Using pallet collars is a consideration that end users appreciate. The end user can easily unload the pallet boxes when pallet collars are used for the construction of the box.

The beauty of pallet collars for the end user is that each collar can be removed individually to access the products. They can immediately go out on the display floor by simply removing the upper collars. Once the upper most layer of products has been depleted then the next collar can be removed and so on and so forth.

The end user will appreciate the reduction in manpower hours that it takes to unload products and goods thanks to the pallet collars. Loading and unloading with ease is a revolutionary time saver for end users that will endear your organisation to the end user.

Ease of use

Any logistics management team can tell you that ease of use is key to not only reducing manpower costs but in also reducing other risks like injuries in the warehouse. The less tools involved the better. Pallet collars can be applied without tools.

They are a simple option that will reduce manpower hours resulting in lower costs for labor. They are easily assembled and easily disassembled. The ease of use of pallet collars means a more efficient warehouse and more efficient shipping options. Workers do not need long specialised training events to learn how to efficiently use pallet collars.

Of course the ease of use does not only provide benefits to your organisation but also to the end users as well.


Pallet collars are an economical way to protect, reduce risk and make storage and shipping a much more efficient activity. The cost of pallet collars is offset in the first few months of use. The ROI when using pallet collars is realised in many different ways that range from protection for your goods to reducing overall risk.

Pallet collars are game changers and well worth the small investment. They can easily out-perform other options when it comes to safety, protection and storage. Any organisation can easily take advantage of pallet collars with a relatively small investment.


Any organization that wants to reduce costs and optimize their supply chain should be using pallet collars. They are an easy solution to so many supply chain issues. They are an easy choice to make. They are easy to use, reduce risk, economical and extremely flexible. What more could you want out of a packing option?

Improving the responsiveness of your supply chain to increase profits requires having the right tools on hand at all times. Pallet collars are easy to utilize and easy to store when not in use making them an integral part of any responsive supply chain.

Any organization can use these game changing tools to really amp up the results that they get from their supply chain. Optimising the supply chain is an easy way to increase profits, meet client needs and improve overall response time. Pallet collars makes it all possible. Pallet collars are one of the best investments any organisation can make for their supply chain.

About the author

Aleksejs Volcenkovs is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Kronus - a pallet and pallet collar manufacturer. The company has four main directions: pallets and pallet collar production, used pallet maintenance and re-circulation, pallet collar accessory wholesale and providing additional logistics solutions.

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