Daifuku Develops the DUOSYS Superfast Mini Load AS/RS

Daifuku Co., Ltd. has recently developed a high throughput mini load automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).

Branded as DUOSYS, the new system incorporates enhanced versions of the tuning control technology and the lightweight technology embodied in the Synchronized System mini load AS/RS displayed at LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2006. The new AS/RS will be unveiled at LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2008, a trade fair scheduled to take place on September 9-12 at the Tokyo Big Sight.

The tuning control technology of the DUOSYS ensures that two Storage/Retrieval Machine (SRM) stacker cranes functioning in the same aisle of the AS/RS move past each other without interference to perform storage and retrieval operations. This functionality is unprecedented and has a patent pending. The DUOSYS is laid out in two tiers so that four SRMs operate simultaneously on the same rack to produce a high storage and retrieval throughput of up to 2,200 cases per hour, which is the worlds highest throughput according to a Daifuku survey. Two SRMs operate within each tier.

The DUOSYS is not just a storage system; it is also an effective distribution automation (DA) system. Unique to Daifuku, the DUOSYS functions as a retrieval system that sorts and groups items. The 3D sorting system requires less floor space and fewer personnel than sorters and other horizontal sorting systems.

1. Ultra high throughput
The throughput of 2,200 cases per hour is about six times as high as that of any conventional system in the same space, which handles 330 cases per hour.

2. Environmental considerations
The lightweight design of the SRM cuts power consumption. According to the required throughput, the DUOSYS optimizes the number of SRMs in operation and their operation speeds and transfers the regenerative electric power produced at the time of slowing an SRM to any other SRM to reduce energy consumption of the whole system.

3. Non-stop operation
The DUOSYS supports independent operations of its four separate SRMs. The system functions even if all cranes are not operational.

4. High maintainability
The DUOSYS remains in operation while maintenance is performed on one or more of the SRMs. Maintenance can be systematically implemented by controlling the numbers of operations of individual SRMs. It can be even more systematically performed with the use of the DAGUARD?Daifuku Graphical Usage and Anticipated Reliability Diagnostics.

The standard price of the model displayed at the LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2008 trade fair, with a storage capacity of 1,000 cases and with four SRMs, is approximately 30 million yen. Daifuku aims to sell 100 units per year. As a 3D sorting system, the DUOSYS helps downsize not only material handling systems but also the space required in logistics and delivery centers. It paves the way for reduced investment in construction and other areas, decreasing capital investment.

At the LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2008, Daifukus booth occupies 150 units, or about 1,350 square meters. It is the largest exhibitor booths at the event. It will showcase the DUOSYS, the CLEANWAY cleanroom transport system and an RFID system and will feature a live demonstration.

<Specifications of the systems on display in LOGIS-TECH TOKYO 2008>

* The DUOSYS superfast mini load AS/RS
Dimensions: 21.5 m (length) x 2.3 m (width) x 5.5 m (height)
(1 bay x 6 depths (5 to 7 cases per depth) x 12 tiers)
A storage capacity of 500 cases and with 4 SRMs

* The CLEANWAY cleanroom transport system
With a total rail length of 40 m, 12 stations and four vehicles

* An RFID system

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